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BEN’S BLOG: ‘I am a Fat Whitey with an Unlucky-Face’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very Tuesday, Star MD, Gaul Wood comes to London for the day. We plot about how we are going to march on/survive, whatever the case may be, over the next seven days.

Last week, between bouts of him trying to restrain my ambition, to take over the World, I said that I couldn’t believe I wasn’t losing weight. I have dramatically cut back on my dessert intake, and have been good, at not eating too much chocolate (this was however, whilst eating a Florentine). Gary tried to explain that, although many of The Staff eat more than me, I just have a poor metabolism.

Not interested in this injustice, I continued to moan away. He just looked back at me, and very quietly and knowingly said ‘You’re a Fat Whitey with an Unlucky-Face.’. Silence. THE TRUTH HURTS.

In other news:

partridgesDo you ever get frustrated, that there’s nowhere, nice and easy, but with a local and good quality feel, that you can pop into, and have a quick meal? Well, I think I may have found the solution, at Partridges, in the Kings Road. It doubles up, as a posh supermarket and restaurant, and is actually very good.

Partridges, 2 – 5 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY. (WEB SITE) Don’t worry if there’s a few unpleasant Hoorays about, Blog, you can blank them. The food-hall is second to none. And the menu and service, in the restaurant, both very good value and excellent. Unique and old fashioned. 2 x main courses + 2 pear juices (NAP) = £38. You’ll like it. 8

Over and out, B x