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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Incest at The Jockey Club’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he rather predictable news of Kempton closing has been announced.

Of course, everybody is disappointed, and plenty of gravy-trainers should be feeling rather ashamed (although it wouldn’t even occur to those type of people that they’re even in the wrong).

I have the following, equally predictable, observations to make:

1) The JC have received many millions of pounds from on-course bookmakers for standing on some tarmac at Kempton. This tarmac area has attracted millions of visitors and added any atmosphere the track ever had. Will these bookies be compensated for the loss of their pitches? (And will I be having a jacuzzi with Rita Ora anytime soon?).

2) Horseracing has always received a workable Levy. Whilst Greyhound Racing has suffered in an inhumane manner. Should a new course be built in Newmarket, will The JC show charity to its little brother, and include a dog-track (Towcester style)?

3) It is internationally recognised that Newmarket Rowley is gone. Do we need a 3rd venue in a small town? Or is it yet another perk for the Establishment, and those coming through, with successful daddies/uncles/cousins/brothers (do some even overlap?)? Nice and near home? Eazy peazy, lemon squeezy?

Some shots need to be played. Another track in Newmarket is not one of them.

Over and out, B x