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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Israel: Day 1 Observations’

ben_keith_team-150x150The Sun. It knows how to shine. Second only, in my lifetime, to Las Vegas. I nearly pulled up during my run. The heat comes in waves. Every few seconds, a new draft covers you.

The Sea. On ANOTHER LEVEL. Cliché; but it really is a bath. On leaving the water, you feel a bit giddy, like you’ve been in too long (what a thing to moan about!!).

The Girls. Think Brazilian Premier League. But with stronger features. And an edge that says ‘I’ll tell you to “shoo, shoo away” if I want to’ (OK, maybe it’s just ME who gets that vibe!).

The Beach Bars. Top quality (can we discuss another time, why they are SO poor in England, please, Blog?). Full menus of proper food + cocktails. I noted that they didn’t serve/take orders on the beach though.

The Beach Showers. Excellent. You pull an old fashioned bog-chain and get a full blast. No weak wee-like dribbles (like the shower at The Serpentine).

The Beach Umbrellas & Sun-Loungers. Cheap. But a surf-dude doesn’t come round collecting the money. You have to go and pay at a parking-ticket type machine.

The Taxis. Not enough of them. You don’t know if they’re available or not. And they’re good at hooting their horn in the car behind, if you take half a second too long, getting your bag out. I’m just a bit fat and slow, THANK YOU!

In other news:

Port Sa’id, Har Sinai 5, Tel Aviv. 3 good judges marked our card with this one. An Israeli version of Tayyabs in Whitechapel. Young people. A queue. But the food is great. Aubergine (NAP). Lemon and Garlic Green Beans (NB). Friendly service. Energy, energy, ENERGY. 8.5

Over and out, B x