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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Jimmy Choo’


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you know, Blog, that Jimmy Choo owns a Chinese restaurant? Well, you do now. It’s called Maximini. It’s in Paddington. And it is certainly a good eatery. But before reviewing the place, two points must be made:

1) The Staff told me, that the 12.5%, added for service, is not passed onto them. Mr Choo sells his shoes, for hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a pair. His restaurant looks amply busy too. ‎ POOR SHOW.

2) On ordering Sweet and Sour Pork, I was told that they don’t do pork, and keep the food Halal, “for the locals”. ‎Really? Realllyyy?? To my knowledge; QE2 is still at the helm, and she also doubles up, as Head of The Church of England. If Punters want a burnt bacon sarnie, on white-bread, (WITH KETCHUP), that’s what they should be served. Should they then find themselves, in the Middle East, I’m sure they’ll be aware, that a different set of rules will need to be observed. PLEASE DON’T IMPOSE YOURSELF, MR CHOO.

Maxi Mini, 31-33 Sussex Place, W2 2TH. WEB SITE Excellent and friendly service. Lemon Chicken NAP. Garlic Chicken-Wings NB. Good food, and good value, at £30 per head. 8

Over and out, B x