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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Kemi Badenoch: Start as you mean to go on’

ben_keith_team-150x150 Kemi Badenoch.

Who’s she?

She’s going to be the new big deal; that’s who she is.

Having arrived in England, at 16 years of age, from Nigeria, Kemi set about getting on with her life. And after enjoying a successful career in the finance world, has now become a Member of Parliament. Talk about marching-on and bettering yourself…

Heroes aren’t in books. Or films. They don’t play football or cricket. And sadly, neither do they fly around in capes (well, maybe except Super-Nige). They are real people. AND THEY ARE ALL AROUND US.

Check out Mrs Badenoch’s Maiden Speech in the House of Commons… PURE CLASS.

In other news:

Cinema Paradiso. The best Italian film I have ever seen. A masterpiece. The story of a great film-maker who has to return home for the funeral of his childhood mentor. Very long. But addictive. And beautiful. 9.5

Over and out, B x