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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Kindness and Opportunity in The Game’

Bookmaker, John Henwood, says that you need to be a ‘Tough Citizen, in a Tough World’, to get on, in the Betting-Industry. And he is right. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of kindness and opportunity in The Game.

Alastair Down’s article, in Saturday’s Racing Post, about Adrian Stewart, who has turned his life on the streets, into a happy one, working with horses, is testament to that. There are great people, who will offer random acts of kindness. ENABLERS.

One piece of advice, I give new-starters, at Star Sports, is to ALWAYS read the Classifieds, in the Racing Post, on a Saturday. Even if I’m on holiday, I call in to the office, for a quick run-through of the adverts and announcements. This is where you see what your competitors are GOING to be up to. Where are they expanding to? What move do they think they have found? These little adverts give away so many secrets and gems. And you can find; A CHANCE.

In other news:

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