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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Let’s get it right’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]A[/dropcap] fascinating part of growing older, is when you realise, that we ALL see EVERYTHING differently? Don’t you think, Blog..?

I have, most of all, enjoyed looking through, the Star Sports Twitter page, when we have been highlighting and debating, current situations and affairs in the game. Also, discussing market-moves in political-betting.

startwitterI was told yesterday, rather bluntly though, that; ‘When you like what’s on the Twitter, that means it’s crap’.

Instead, we should be discussing unimportances, such as; the effects of the draw at Redcar, a horse sporting a visor for the first time, or informing our readers, of a goal or wicket (that I’m sure Ruper Murdoch has already shown them, several minutes before, right across the televisual globe).

However, ‘The Game’ is about opinions. HOW DO YOU ‘SEE’ IT?

In other news:

I went, last night, to the Everyman cinema, in Maida Vale, to see this blog’s second favourite, film director’s, Pedro Almodovar, (Woody Allen is my favourite), new film; ‘Julieta’.‎ Without wanting to get ahead of myself, and have an Art-Attack; Almodovar’s taste, style and appreciation of colour, really is both brilliant and unique. Julietta is certainly one of his best films. Different from the others. But as usual, cuts right to to the centre, of how Pedro Almodovar explains Latin pain and soul. DON’T MISS. 8.5

Over and out, B x