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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Letters of Note’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I write to offer thanks to my life-assistant, Pam Statements for the most fabulous book; ‘Letters of Note‘, that she kindly sent me yesterday. I have been transfixed since, carrying it around the house with me, wherever I go. A collection of letters; some serious, some highly amusing, that have gone back and forth, amongst the great and the good. From Scott of The Antarctic, to Elvis, The Queen, and Primeministers and Presidents all over the World, it is great to see that they seem most ‘bowled’, by a letter from an 8-year-old, asking a searingly genuine, but rather awkward question. Pam, this is a real treat; thank you. And I HIGHLY recommend it as my book of the year. Letters of Note – a DEFINITE 10.


In other news:

My Spanish ladyfriend, Belinda so often tells me, with great frustration, that she wants to visit ‘new places’. Obviously, being a cultural philistine; this is difficult for me. It’s also not that easy; considering that our high-streets, all over the country, are almost identical, with the same, bland-corporate-rubbish, lined up, again and again. I love the beautiful village of Alfriston though. Along we tootled, for a sandwich, looking over the very-English village-green, and then popped into one of my favourite shops: Musical Memorabilia ( . Ducking one’s head, on entering the olde worlde little store, you are met by the sound of 1930’s songs floating in the air, and all around you, is music and film, from now, to way back when. You are certain to find something of interest, and much more that will make you smile too. We picked up a copy of Educating Rita, with, as you know; the scrummy Julia Walters, and the always-on-the-mark; Michael Caine. TIP-TOP.

australiaWas I the only bookie who had ‘that’ sinking feeling, after just two furlongs of the Derby? We started the day laying £25k at 7/4. Half an hour later, came another £25k at 13/8. And close to the off, the final nail in the coffin; £50k at 11/8. How the big firms chose to do 5/2, 9/4, and 2’s, about Australia, we will never know. But, Blog, I ask: Do they even know themselves?! CLUELESS.

Over and out, B x