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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Living The Dream with Lofty at Towcester Dogs’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, you know in the film, Bridge over the River Kwai, where the British soldiers were so staunch, they would never, EVER show weakness to the Japanese prison-guards? Well, that’s a bit like employing Lofty. If I club him over the head, a thousand times, to perform a certain task properly, he will just look up defiantly, from his permanent Hot-Box, and tell me to “F-Off” !!

HOWEVER, he has been given FULL responsibility of organising the tissue, and the Staffing and equipment, for our pitch at Towcester Dogs.

My Blog, it would be remiss of me, not to report Lofty’s resurgence, to glory, to you. He has been EXCELLENT. Everything has gone smoothly. Worked perfectly. And he has done and collated other tissues and cards; in a professional manner.

10 out of 10, Lofty. Well done. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERY TIME NOW..!!

In other news:

I met Lofty, when I was 12 years old. He worked for bookie, Bo Brown, at Hove Dogs. He was like a cool big-boy I looked up to. He took time, explaining to me, how to read the card, clerk, and price-up a race. And never nasty or patronising. I always used to tell him, that one day we would bet at Walthamstow. That we would bet in the front-row at Cheltenham. And that we would….sponsor the Greyhound Derby. LIVING THE DREAM.

Over and out, B x