BEN’S BLOG: ‘Lockdown Self-Promotion’

Blog, it’s been too long, Old Friend. Life goes on, but it’s time to check in with you once again (and more regularly too, I promise). The Star Sports YouTube channel has been plodding on nicely and seems even to be gathering pace up the hill. This week, Julie Collier chose (under my expert direction of Self-Promotion, of course), to interview me. You might enjoy…

In other news:

Get Me Roger Stone. Like you Blog, bored out of my mind during Lockdown, I have fallen into the Netflix Documentaries section. And you shouldn’t miss ‘Get Me Roger Stone’. Mr Stone specialises in assisting able frontmen in becoming Presidents of The United States of America, and in full eccentric pomp, interrupts himself, to tell you his ‘Stone’s Rules’. He sounds like an ideal addition to my dinner-list!! An intriguing character-study. 9

Over and out, B x