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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Luke Johnson: Having some of his own medicine’

“What goes around comes around”. Sounds good. But rarely applies in this life. Rarely doesn’t mean never though, Blog…

Look at this sign. It’s from Patisserie Valerie in Edgware Road. Poor old Luke Johnson (asset-stripper of Greyhound Racing). He hasn’t paid his rent. A Staff went wrong. Oh, Lukey Pukey, you didn’t make that fatal error did you, you didn’t take your eye off the ball and TRUST & BELIEVE, did you?

Publicly slaughtered. Humiliated, personally & professionally. Others taking advantage of the situation. They will push you and your company down, Luke. For their own benefit. JUST LIKE YOU DID TO GREYHOUND RACING.

Luke Johnson, what goes around comes around: GET SOME OF THAT MEDICINE DOWN YOUR GULLET.

In other news:

Being a self-promoter, I would say that I enjoy the ever-growing index of #BettingPeople interviews, by Simon Nott, wouldn’t I? Well, yeah, I do. People from all spheres of The Game, educating us, telling us their life stories, their strengths & weaknesses, and of their highs & lows. I particularly enjoyed though, pro-punter, Dean Valentine’s, recent interview. Dean has done it all his own way. And by God, was he a tough-cookie to take on? No Prisoners Taken. But now, he seems to have found contentment. He has created the life and become the person he wanted to be. HE MADE IT HAPPEN.


Over and out, B x

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