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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Martin Johnstone = A man who shuns friends in need’

Blog, Help me! Help! I’m drowning!! I’ve fallen from my little boat into the Family-Group-Socialising Ocean! Won’t somebody help me?!

During a recent walk, with my life-assistant, Pam Statements, I was advised to have more empathy with my parents; The infamous Elderly & Infirm. And on dropping my guard, a few days later, I agreed to go on a Family Group Socialising weekend, to the town of Weymouth. However, Promise has now become Reality, and we are on the way to Weymouth. Terrified, and looking for a way out, I have reached out for an arm of friendship, to Poole Dogs Bookmaker, and one of my oldest friends and mentors, Martin Johnstone. But, Blog, Martin has shunned me, in favour of previously arranged diary entries!

Martin Johnstone = A man who clearly shuns friends in need!

In other news:

Tomorrow night, we head to Poole Dogs, for a night of Greyhound Racing. When a boy, of 17, having started at City Index Sports, nothing was more fun than heading down for a weekend in Bournemouth, to learn from Martin. I am very lucky to have so many good friends who have helped me along the way. Although The Game is Ruthless, such friendships that appear from the debris really are to be relished. HAPPY TIMES.

Over and out, B x