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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Meet Bugsy’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i Blog, just a quick update, regarding Tony Betfair; a longstanding member, of the Star Family.

bentonyTony ran one of our appallingly unsuccessful betting-shops, many moons ago, and since then, has spent the last six years, ducking and diving, putting bets on for us, in between his new life, in Thailand (as a professional lothario and amateur pool-hustler).

A true character, at 45, he still lives with his mum (when in England). But, for whatever reason, he genuinely, LOVES, going round ‘the shops’ getting money on.

Tony met me today, for a drink, before returning to his harem, in the Far East. I gave him a £150 bonus, to add to his float, and he informed me, of a new punter, in the Walthamstow area: Bugsy the Bunny. Yes, there is a punter, who goes round the betting-shops, in Walthamstow, with his pet rabbit, named ‘Bugsy’, not in any type of cage or box, and it runs free around the shop!

You think I’m talking bollocks? DO YOU, Blog?? Well, check out the video below.

Thanks, Tone! Make sure you have a couple of extra birds, for all the lads in the office!!

In other news:

spiderThe Elderly and Infirm (Female Dept) is staying here tonight. Belindabelle (my other ‘arf) saw a big spider, shrieked, and got a book out, about to squash the wee creature. ‘NO!’ shouted my mum, a true believer in all matters superstitious. ‘It’s EXTREMELY unlucky to kill a spider!’. YOU’VE BEEN TOLD!!

Over and out, B x