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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Missing Matt Brown’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]I[/dropcap] had dinner last night, at Motcombs (don’t miss the calamares), with bookmaker Bo Brown, of West End Racing, and his son; young man of great expectations; Lewis. Regular followers of this blog, will remember Bo’s brother; Matt, who too, was an on-course bookie.

Bo, told me a story about Matt…(who tragically died last year, only in his early 40’s)…

Matt, who was a true character, was making a book at Goodwood. He had, had, before racing, a few sharpeners in the bar, and once he’d started work, had gone out of his way to involve himself in a punch-up, with some disagreeable looking punters. After making light work of them, he declined further work for the afternoon, leaving The Staff to get on with it, and retired to the champagne bar for the rest of the day. Matt had style and flair (a great rarity these days), and loved to wear properly made, cashmere, crombie, bookmaker coats. His twist though, was to have his name sewn in, onto the inside pocket. On spotting a couple of promising looking birds, Matt wandered over, and bought them a bottle of champagne; before even introducing himself. The crumpets though, bowled over by this chivalrous gesture, cooed ‘but who are yooouu?!’.

Matt opened his coat, pointed at his name, and advised them ‘Don’t forget who bought you the champers, girls.’

I missed Matt Brown so much in that moment, I thought I was going to cry. PURE CLASS.

In other news:

nooseA British citizen has videod himself decapitating a British soldier, in the Middle East. Should he return to British owned soil, either in the UK, or anywhere in the Commonwealth, he should be: immediately met by the police, brought to Wandsworth prison, without delay, and in front of the Home Secretary, the prison governor and chaplain, and using the services of a trained and humane hangman; hung by the neck until he is dead. STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY – BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY.

Over and out, B x