25 May, 2021

AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: My Top 10 Tips on Becoming a Bookmaker:

My Top 10 Tips on Becoming a Bookmaker:

1️⃣ Being Cheated & Knocked. Don’t worry about the Cheats, most can’t help but give back their gains, when playing straight later in the day. And the figure that counts, is what you got, before a knocker puts the hammer down. Also, they often come into money, and play with you again further down the line. Wipe your mouth, and the debt, and start again with them.

2️⃣ Don’t be scared of The Firms anymore. You are better off betting close to them, rather than finding your own position. They have got lost in the Corporate Fog and their Actions now advertise your Service.

3️⃣ Opinions change and get found out. Figures don’t. Bet to them. Also, wherever possible; Play each Punter individually. One size does not fit all.

4️⃣ Laying Double-Figures. Punters who bet early and selectively on double-figure priced horses will very rarely be any good for you in the long-term. Very rarely, like Never.

5️⃣ Take as much as possible. As cheaply as possible. As late as possible. How can a Punter beat you, playing on quality, when the price has gone, at the front of the market? Well, he can’t. Get stuck in.

6️⃣ Play the submissive. Be the Beta. Let him and them think they are in charge. Let them say all of the things about you that make them feel better about themselves. As long as you’re having Value, and at the end of the day they are paying for your dinner, who gives a fuck what they think about you? You wouldn’t want to be friends with them anyway.

7️⃣ Be careful with the “But it was good for Branding” /Creatives. Keep your distance. Or they can always club you over the head with “you agreed that it was a good idea” (because you nodded during a conversation once). They would never do any of their silly ideas with their own money – don’t forget that.

8️⃣ Are you being picked off with 1 bet a day? That’s no good and it is not in your favour. Break Punter’s stride with a halving up/”or SP only on that one”. When his best laid plan is cocked-up (by you!) let’s see how he behaves. Maybe it will be in anger, on the next Favourite. And the next. And the next. And the next.

9️⃣ “I’ve got some great business for you to be laying”. Yes, of course. It’s so good that this Greek bearing gifts doesn’t want to lay it himself. He wants to give it alllllll to yoooooouuu. Trusting & Believing will get you in serious trouble. As will leaving things behind that can be used against you. Because Punter will do exactly that when it’s time to pay. What did you tell him? What does he know? Don’t do that again.

🔟 Punters & Staff. #BestFriendsForever. None of that nonsense is in your favour. Keep them apart.

Over and out, B x