BEN’S BLOG: ‘Neil Channing: Do other people matter?’

Blog, I hope you didn’t miss the double-page article, in Friday’s Racing Post, which contained a wealth of correct advice, for aspiring pro-punters, delivered by Neil Channing.

There comes a time, in The Game, when you need to decide whether other people matter or not. Are you going to brazenly knock or betray everyone you meet, leaving a trail of destruction, and stroll on with a puntery-sneer? Oh, it works, Blog. But for how long? At what point, do you realise that you have become a lone-ranger? Instead, could you have worked with, and done well by others, creating goodwill for your longterm future?

What wasn’t included in the article, was advice from Neil, regarding taking the second, longterm approach. I thank Neil for his patient advice and work-experience, when I was a teenager. But I recognise more, his gentlemanly way with others, and that he has now become an ambassador for the gambling-world. THANK YOU, NEIL.

In other news:

In the papers today, is the story of Philip Bunce. Mr Bunce is truly brave, in living who he really is, by some days going to work as Philip and on others, dressed as a woman, by the name of Pippa (full story: I salute his staunch confidence. But. Buuuut. He has a wife and children. His wife has to publicly stand alongside him. And his children have to go to school everyday, and presumably grow up in the same playgrounds that we once did.


Over and out, B x