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BEN’S BLOG: ‘NEVER trust a ‘Thin-Lipper’!’

ben_keith_team-150x150I enjoyed dinner, at Toffs (9.5). But why don’t you cook the chips a bit longer, and do proper peas, then you can be a 10?), on Tuesday night, with one of our greatest living Englishmen and eccentrics; John ‘Big Mac’ McCririck.

Apart from being fabulous company, John is a fountain, of sage life-guidance.

Included, in the evening’s fayre, weren’t just John’s opinions on the Primrose Hill champagne-socialist set, but also (yes, we were blessed with even more!) his advice to NEVER trust ‘Thin-Lippers’.

‘But what IS a ‘Thin-Lipper?!”, I hear your cry out, Blog, desperate to know more!!

A woman with thin lips! Yes, amongst Big Mac’s gems, is this piece of advice. And who does he sight as the most dangerous Thin-Lipper of them all?

Yes, you’ve got it – Nicola Sturgeon!


In other news:

bigmacFar too many Corporate Wageslaves with impotent degrees, Modernist and bland racing ‘celebs’, and of course; the Shortsighted and Grunting Punters, forget, Big Mac’s IMMENSE contribution to our sport, during his long and high-profile career. Who pushed for off-course, tax-free betting? Who shouted at you to ‘Come racing!’? Who had the bollocks between his legs, to highlight and question, bookmakers who were taking liberties, when others, in fear, just stayed silent? Who enthralled the public, with racing-language and Tic-Tac, and brought us colour and fun? THANK YOU, JOHN McCRIRICK, FOR YOUR HUGE CONTRIBUTION TO THE GAME.

John, please step forward.

For services to the betting-ring, winding up the Politically Correct, and putting the game first.

John McCririck = NOT-STAFF.

Over and out, B x