BEN’S BLOG: ‘Nick Rust’s plans for the future of The Game’

I always find it intriguing, to hear what makes people, from all walks of life; tick. And what are their fears and motivations? Many things are predictable. But not the way people really feel. And feelings can rarely be changed.

This week, Simon Nott shows us his interview, with the Prime Minister of Horseracing; Nick Rust.

Mr Rust speaks about his commitment to pushing Diversity in The Game. The Betting-Ring of tomorrow. And progressive but controversial developments in Whip Use rules.

But, for me, the most interesting part, was when this man, who has occupied some of the most senior positions in our industry, tells us that his prime motivation, until just a few years ago, was impressing his mum and dad. Well, THEY MUST BE VERY PROUD NOW.

NICK RUST (part 1 of 3)

In this first of a three part interview Chief Executive of the BHA Nick Rust talks about his formative years falling in love with horseracing at Kelso. He explains how he’s achieved, even after failing his exams, rising from humble beginnings as a board marker for Ladbrokes to the head of the BHA. He talks early days of Internet bookmaking, bookies’ restrictions, Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and the current problems facing horse racing today.

NICK RUST (part 2 of 3)

In part two of three Nick talks about the value that can be had being an owner in UK horse racing, syndication, overseas betting monopolies, betting exchanges, policing apparent unusual betting patterns, the lot of racecourse bookmakers, starting prices, whip rules and hands and heels races.

NICK RUST (part 3 of 3)

In the final interview head of the BHA Nick Rust talks about betting exchanges, attendances at racecourses, diversity or the lack of it in racing, women in racing and lady jockeys, the responsibility he faces in his role and his love of horseracing.

In other news:

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