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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Nicola Adams = A True Not-Staff’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his blog’s congratulations go out, to it’s favourite sports-woman in the World; formerly knighted, true Not-Staff: Nicola Adams. How she lights the screen up, with her bright eyes, her positive and happy demeanour, her passion and lust for life. And what an example she is, for children all over the country, leading the way, and making her dreams come true. A fully deserved gold for her today (despite the moaning from her sour competitor).

However, it made me think the following, Blog:

1) Can’t we just cancel this year’s Premier League? Yes, yet another year, of having over-paid, over-rated and undesirable, peasants, like Luis Suarez and John Terry, imposed on us, on an almost hourly basis. BREAKING NEWS – THE ENGLAND TEAM COACH HAS ARRIVED FOR A FRIENDLY AGAINST POLAND (that they will probably lose). Football: it’s just SO tedious, SO over-hyped, and SO boring. The Olympics, and now the Commonwealth Games; have left it for dead.

2) How about re-colonising much of the Commonwealth? Not to start milking them all. No, No, Blog! I would like to put forward the notion, of inviting in, lots of hard-working and grateful African people, and then exporting a few million, spoilt-English-whiteys. NOW YOU’VE GOT SOMETHING REAL TO MOAN ABOUT.

In other news:

benwiltonsI had the distinct pleasure, on Wednesday evening, of having dinner, at our Finest Leader’s favourite restaurant; Wiltons, in Jermyn Street. Served by the wonderful Barbara, of 23 years service, who showed me where Baroness Thatcher used to sit, and eat a thoroughly deserved dinner; this is not an eatery, but an institution. The service was impeccable, and the ambience, decor, and furnishings; thick, traditional, comfortable, and above all; proper. Wiltons: like Rules, but without the tourists, plump and juicy oysters, an excellent seabass and CC (cauliflower cheese) (crunchy on top, please), but a slightly disappointing crumble, to finish. 7.5

Over and out, B x