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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Paul Ephremsen promoting Greyhound Racing’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m sure that everybody was enthused, by the positive article in today’s Racing Post Greyhounds, regarding the panel Paul Ephremsen has set up to promote and bring forward Greyhound Racing.

I did have to let out a cynical cackle though, when Paul said he was rather disappointed that only about 50 owners took the opportunity to share their views with him. Paul, come on. Get up with the pace. They will let YOU do all the work and innovation and THEN criticise from their armchairs. Keep up, son!!

I still believe that both Greyhound Racing and Horseracing both require, individually, their own Barry Hearn/Bernie Ecclestone dictator type figures. Individuals with a deep understanding of their sports, who rule and move forward Putin style.

PE is a progressive. He is positive. He wants to, on a miniscule budget, try and push The Game forward. BACK HIM!

In other news:

A fireball of self-promotion, I headed to Glorious Goodwood this week, and took advantage of being able to stand in the shadow of the great John ‘Big Mac’ McCririck. Each day, we did a quick 2 – 3 minute Vlog discussing a wide range of deep issues. Check out this montage of our week’s waffle…

Over and out, B x