BEN’S BLOG: ‘Please let Nick Rust do his job!’

Sir Tony McCoy writes in the Racing Post today that horseracing needs a Barry Hearn. And he’s absolutely right! But, Sir Tony, you’re missing the point; Nick Rust is our ‘BH’ and has all skills needed to push racing forward, if only he was allowed to use them!

Unfortunately, he is in this silly situation called democracy, where he has to listen to every single different agenda, that is called out in his direction, many whose sole purpose is to run The Game down and instead build houses over racecourses.

Nick Rust needs FULL CONTROL. He is an operator who could be earning a lot more money, running one of The Firms, but has instead chosen to give back to the sport he loves. There is no value in listening to all the corporates, competing with each other in a juvenile manner, Nick. THEY ALL NEED TO BE GIVEN THE STICK!

In other news:

I have been contacted and asked to watch a video clip, to decide whether a Xherdan Shaqiri had a shot on target, as a bookie was betting on it, and won’t pay out.

MY OPINION: I have no intention/interest in watching the clip. I shall leave that to the football-experts, a bit like I’d like to leave being a social-worker or a policeman to said experts.

MY FACTS: If the bookie overruled the Football Expert who made the decision, and decided to pay out on the shot being on target, he/she would thus have to NOT pay out those who backed the player not to shoot on target. Hmmmmm, Blog. How do you think that one would roll, with the then affected Billy Bunters? Would they all be singing as one then? Nooo, I don’t think so either. So really, whatever happens, the bookie can’t win, and the shouting Punter Mob, rule once again. “Justice” refunds, paying twice, and playing the pretend-punters’-pal at Star Sports? DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH.

Over and out, B x