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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Power To Your Pound’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[dropcap]log, I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but my grandparents couldn’t stand the sight of me. And they didn’t like me much as a person either. Everything I enjoyed, the people I liked, and all that I believed in and stood for, reviled them. I never cared much though – I considered them to be even more unpleasant than me. However, amongst their really quite committed and repeated goading of me, they did actually come out with one gem of life advice, that I myself try to follow. And that is: Buy British. My grandfather was a soldier in WWII, and a mighty brave one too; serving as a bomb disposal man. Stories of atrocities suffered by his fellow soldiers in Japan never left him, and he refused to ever buy a Japanese product again, for the rest of his life. I like that. He made the decision that he worked hard for his money, and knew that in spending it, it helped others. So he thought about where he spent it and tried to do his bit for the economy.

I think a few more people around here should start thinking like that. A few more; like, everyone. We all spend a fortune, paying bang over the odds for petrol. This money is then sent back over here, to buy up all of our premium assets, in front of our eyes. And then we pay to use these premium assets.

How about supporting British Airways and other such airlines, instead of being wowed by subsidised Emirates? Subsidised by all the money you put in your petrol tank?

starbucksHow about using the local café and having a proper cup of coffee and a nice slice of fresh, homemade, lemon-drizzle, instead of a pretend middle-class leftie Starbucks? Starbucks, that are so leftie, they put as near to fuck-all back into the system as possible, and pay their staff as close to minimum wage as possible.

Nevermind wasting hours of your life crushing up and separating your rubbish, like the beardy BBC hypnotizes you into doing so. Start taking matters into your own hands; matters of actual reality. Spend your money how you’d like it to be spent, if it was coming back in your direction. If you and your mates go to the local Italian or Indian and eat and drink a couple of hundred quid, that might get that little firm through to the next week. It’ not really going to make much of a difference to crap Prezzo is it?

I take this opportunity to thank every punter (non-snide), who has ever taken the time to give Star Sports a go. If you’ve played with us and thought we’re crap, thanks for at least trying. I’m grateful. And if you have stuck with us, thank you very much indeed for not only your custom, but much more than that: thank you for your support.

At Star, we try to use our clients’ businesses and services wherever possible. You may not know it, but we have put many deals together, some big, between our punters. Added to this, we buy the shoes, wine, and salmon that they sell; to give to others. We rent their houses at Cheltenham and we use their restaurants for parties and functions. Because we know the strength of our Pound and we hope that the same comes around to us. So, don’t spend your whole life like a hypocritical Guardian reader, cutting out tokens to go to chain-restaurants on the cheap, see if you too, can help a Not-Staff out there.





In other news:

Just three days to the Brighton Marathon. Cheeky Jayne Leggett, putting up spreads at Star Spreads, on my time and finishing position! Thank you, Jayne!!

Over and out, B x