BEN’S BLOG: ‘Pregnancy Moustaches’

Blog, I believe that we have now heard it all…

Belindabelle is pregnant. Without doubt, the most exciting moment of my warped life.

However, this has resulted in B milking the whole event, to a new and unprecedented level. Everyday, finding a new illness or ailment (to blame on me).

Today, has been the first day, of our holiday, in Tel Aviv. And as the sun began to gloriously shine, I was met by a look of terror. “I don’t want to get a Pregnancy Moustache!”, Belinda cried out. “What on Earth is a Pregnancy Moustache?”, I hear YOU cry out, Blog! Apparently, when pregnant, if you spend time in the sun, what can appear to be a moustache, can spread across your face. Blog, save me! I’VE HEARD IT ALL NOW..!!

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 57: Frederick’s, 106 Camden Passage, Islington (Middle-Class-Leftie Alert!!), N1 8EG WEB SITE. Supremely stylish. Bright & positive. Full & interesting menu. Vibrant clientele. So why not get the end product right? Could be a 10. Tasteless food though. 6.5

Over and out, B x