BEN’S BLOG: ‘Rory Campbell – Fighting to win The Ultimate Prize’

We are all contradictions. And so is Rory Campbell. Cocksure but kind. Alpha-male but open. Full of guile but a straight-shooter. Numerate but self-aware and emotionally-intelligent. A man with a great, great mind, goes all the way for us here, Blog. He opens up and let’s us deep into his ambitions, passion for The Game, and abilities and weaknesses in competition.

Rory went right the way through the card at school and uni. Straight A-Stars and a degree from Oxford. Did he choose to work for a boring bank and earn a fortune, like lots of Anonymous Corporate Wallies? No. He decided to follow his dream. The hardest dream in all of The Game. The dream that so few have actually lived. But if coming true; the answer to Unlimited Wealth: BEATING THE ASIAN-LINE.

The world moves forward because of people like Rory Campbell. They fight. They push. They reach out further than they ever imagined they could. And they compete at the very highest level. But really, competing with themselves, as so few others have the speed to run with them anyway. And so many others gain and learn from their struggle. Rory is David. The Asian-Line is Goliath. But whatever the result, Rory is a huge winner. His spirit of life is tangible. And he feeds those around him with his immense energy.


RORY CAMPBELL (part 1 of 3)

Rory Campbell boss of ‘C & N Sporting Risk’ left Oxford with a top degree but rather than head to a lucrative job in the city he embarked on a career trying to beat the Asian Line and sports betting. In part 1 of 3 he talks his early days betting and playing poker, spotting a competitive angle and analytics v statistics and the importance of luck.

RORY CAMPBELL (part 2 of 3)

In part two of our interview with Rory Campbell he talks about the jump from a recreational punter to full time professional. Recognising your edge and exploiting it. Football clubs using analytics to drive towards their goals. Is anyone too big for you to beat?

RORY CAMPBELL (part 3 of 3)

Rory talks about the need for a strong character in the high pressure world he lives in. Division of responsibility, dealing with losing runs, evaluating success and the danger of overreacting. Where to focus, what to bet on and when plus the differing mindsets between punters and poker players.

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 66: Gofio. A Canarian vegetable dish, said to be extremely good for one’s immune system. Tasting like a vegetable curry (Korma-ish), and served with a raw onion dip, I really do recommend it as being a delicious change. 7.5

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