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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Roy Winning Post has gone and beaten me to it…AGAIN!’


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you are a bookmaker, you have to be able to work with every type of person or organisation, whether you like them or not. And ALL of them must be satisfied before you get your slice of the cake. The Gambling Commission, your landlord, SIS, the Computer People, the tax-man (in his many guises), and of course; the ever awkward and spoilt Punters.

The Corporate-Wallies that run the firms now though, have forgotten how to be bookies, and play the game with others, and instead, spend their whole time bickering, and involving themselves in childish point-scoring.

winningpostThis, however, leaves the door open for ‎the good-guys, to get a few quid. And Roy ‘Winning Post’ Holbrook is one of them, having secured the prestigious Centaur betting-shop, at Cheltenham, for the festival. When news came, that Ladbrokes were being dropped, Roy pulled his finger out, and got the gig. What a chance it is too, and we certainly wish him luck.

Credit must be given to Dickon White of the Jockey Club. He has an EXTREMELY difficult job, mediating between the bookmakers and the tracks, and has to regularly make decisions that effect many people’s livelihoods. Over the years, he has taken a lot of flack over some of these calls, as there are obviously those that have won, and sadly, those that have lost. But Dickon has given a real kick of the ball to an Indie here, so hats off to him, and credit where credit’s due.


In other news:

‎Ever thought your luck is out? Well, this poor old boy, claimed to be the unluckiest Punter in Britain. Sadly, for George Atkinson, his bad run got the better of him, and he has just given up the ghost, still a boy, at just 105 years of age. Don’t worry, though; THERE’S STILL PLENTY OF WINNERS TO BACK, AT THE DOG TRACK IN THE SKY..!

Over and out, B x