AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: “Royal Ascot 2017: Meet Michelle”

ben_keith_team-150x150 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I started at Sittingbourne Dogs, many years ago now, I didn’t have a clerk one night. But I was put in touch with Michelle, who arrived that evening. It was the start of a great friendship and working relationship.

Michelle, 51, never gets in a fluster, loves it when it’s busy, is punctual and prepared, and relishes her work. She lives in Essex, with her two sons. 1, Lewis, 19, is earning squidoodles as a car-valet. The other, David, 17, is at college, and loves fishing. And we must not forget Mickey, her Jack Russell, who Michelle claims is more human than all of us!

But Michelle has a dream, Blog. Ever since I’ve known her, she’s talked about saving up some money, buying some racecourse-pitches, and becoming a bookmaker herself. She wants to bet under the name “Shelby Girl” and has even designed a pink board and joint to use.

Michelle, thank you for everything.


Over and out, B x ​