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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Scotland: Pleeaaasssee Vote YES’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, the long awaited Scottish Referendum is coming up. And I think it’s a great thing. People are being allowed to have their say, and will then have to stand by their decision (for once in their molly-coddled lives). But, north of the border, in the land of already too many freebies, why is the English government (because that’s what it is) begging them to stay, and offering even more handouts, as if they’d be doing us a favour by voting ‘No’? They shouldn’t be courted or given a moment’s extra attention. It should be business as usual, and you know the rules, if you make the stupidest decision of all time.

salmond2If the Jocks vote ‘No’, they get to stay on the greatest gravy-train in the whole world. But please never moan again, because you’ve had your chance.

If they vote ‘Yes’; a decision has been made, and they should leave for their greener and prouder grass; with nothing. AND, when they’ve gone skint, within about 3 years, and cocked absolutely everything up, like all of these countries do that leave us, they cannot EVER come back or make a Zimbabwe-unlucky-face. GOODBYE and let’s have some referendums on the Death-Penalty and Drongo Europe next, please.

In other news:

queenMuch has been made, of our glorious Queen, expressing a mild leaning of an opinion. People have said ‘the Queen should do this’ or ‘the Queen should do that’. WRONG. The Queen, has not only been the greatest ambassador this country ever could have dreamt of having, but she is also; a person, like any other, who is MORE THAN entitled, to do, or say, whatever she bloody well likes!!

Over and out, B x