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BEN’S BLOG: ‘SP Only, on the golf’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es, you read the title to this blog correctly. London betting-shops, owned by three of the major firms, who have chosen to offer 6 places on the golf this weekend, are knocking punters back; offering them ‘SP Only’. WHAT is the SP on the golf when it’s at home then, Blog?

Or is this just the latest example of how poorly the big firms train their staff? The days of a skilled ‘settler’, sitting at the back of a betting shop, working his way through hundreds of bets, settling multiples on a pad of paper, really are long gone. And isn’t it a shame, that it’s the long-serving betting-shop punters, who are the ones feeling the brunt of it, receiving such a half-wit level of service?

For me, it’s just another example of how globalisation is cheapening the quality of everything that is put before us, on the UK High Street. Serve up a load of mediocre crap, but as long as the brand’s fine, don’t worry, just keep going, the mug-public will believe our hype. They won’t just believe the hype, one day they will have forgotten what actual quality and professional service is anyway.

If you want to bet with a bookmaker, who’s staff know what they’re doing: bet Star! (Okay, The Staff, don’t start getting ahead of yourselves now..!!)

In other news:

How enjoyable was it recently, watching Nigel Farage wipe the floor with wet-drip and characterless; Corporate Clegg? Mr Farage, thank you for putting a bit of fun and character back into our media-trained, politically-correct, and bland political world. Keep sticking it up those Establishment tossers! Don’t give them a bloody inch!!

Blog, if you want a master-class in how to rally the troops, and give one of the Corporate People the full and deserved treatment; Watch This!

B x