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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Standing-up and Smoking Facebookers’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ent, the other day, with official Ooly-Fooly-Foodie, Gaul Wood to check out the tarted-up Elysee, in Percy Street, off Charlotte Street.  When we went in, the restaurant was empty, and the waiter tried to guide us up the stairs, to where there was apparently more action.  On arriving at the first floor though, we were met by some blaring disco-lights, and a huge and noisy crowd of standing-up and smoking Facebookers.  What this quite had to do with Greek food, wasn’t immediately obvious to myself and Gaul, so we returned to the seclusion of the ground floor.  This place has been, supposedly, modernised and done-up.  We were however, the ONLY people in there all night, and the food was a bit dry and very average.  I won’t be returning.  If you want Greek grub, stick to the rather annoyingly congested, but excellent; Halepi.  The Elysee = Poor = 3.

In other news:

salmondScotland; the place where you don’t have to pay for prescriptions or toll-roads, because it’s fairer if everyone from England pays for them for you; are having their Independence vote soon.  Good luck, Guys, but remember: you’ve got a long wait to get into the EU unlucky-face handout-club, with skint-members like Serbia further up the queue, ahead of you.  The joke though, is that the Jocks are playing for more control over everything, even if they LOSE the vote.  It should be all or nothing: win the vote = bye, bye, rebuild Hadrian’s Wall, no handouts from England, and don’t come back, Zimbabwe style, when it all goes wrong.  Lose the vote = play by The Queen and Westminster’s rules.  As with all of these characters though – they want to have their cake and eat it!!

Over and out, B x