BEN’S BLOG: ‘Star Recruitment’

“We are gathered here today to remember the life of Ben Keith. Ben was a Bookie who’s career enjoyed numerous ups and downs. But what he should truly be remembered as, is The Greatest Judge of a Staff the Betting-Industry has ever known…”.

Blog, you look terrified. You can’t tell the sheep from the wolves. Who will stand staunchly with you, when water is flooding over board, and you think you are going to lose everything in your life? And who will be the first to depart the sinking-ship, with anything they can get their hands on? Which ones need a Work-Life-Balance Cuddle? And which require the Tony McCoy, in the mud at Fontwell, money-down-job, style ride, allllll the way round? Who will stay on and become a champion open-racer? Who will go through the motions in A8? Don’t be scared, Blog. Let me help you. I KNOW THE ANSWERS TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS.

The Game is now vast. Nobody is just ‘a Bookie’ now. Every role must be covered, across the globe. And Star Recruitment aim to become the company to do just that.

In other news:

“Star Sports won’t make it pay! Who does that Ben Keith think he is? William Bloody Hill?!”. Oh yes, Blog, I’ve put up with all of that nonsense for over 20 years and I’m sure Star Recruitment will now have to suffer the same waffle from the same underachievers. To the best of my knowledge though, these detractors are all still in employment, or have closed their own businesses to enter the job-market themselves. They sound to me, like ideal clients! Yes, Blog, I can help them all now; in getting a BETTER JOB.


Over and out, B x