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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Step aside: The supreme master of cricket is coming through’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I must write to you, to let you know about what was, possibly, the best day of my entire life…

This Sunday, we enjoyed a Star XI vs Barry Dennis (yes, the on-course bookie) XI, cricket match. The captains, were Luke Tarr, for Star, and Pat Dennis, for the BD team, and pre-match tactics had been discussed for weeks.

When the big day came, Luke, bizarrely, had decided that I would open the batting. Anyway, it turned out that I turned up, just a few minutes before we went out to bat, because I was assisting Pam Statements in bringing the grub, so I actually went in at number 4.

Blog, I have to say, I felt so proud, and so deeply rewarded, to play in the team. I looked out across the field, and saw some real gents, and top blokes, that I have worked with, some for over ten years now. We were so together, it was such a family unit.

Anyway, enough of that emotional stuff; back to the batting. Before the match, there was lots of hot air coming from some of the younger members of the office, and those with rather expensive, and slightly flash looking equipment, claiming to be huge run scorers.

They came. And they went.

Then, they all stood aside, as the Supreme Master of Cricket, entered the arena.



cricket2Amongst all of the professionals, I was wearing shorts. They thought there was some easy meat approaching the crease.


I top scored 33 runs, including, no less than, 5, 4’s. I was also robbed of one of them being a 6, by what I considered to be; an extreme umpiring error (the great Barry Dennis, himself, fulfilling this duty for the day).

cheersSpecial mentions must also go out to office senior-trader: Trevor Harris (right). Trev, during our batting innings, sharpened himself up, with four pints of cider, plus a couple more, whilst we were fielding. Using his truly awesome tummy, to aide his balance, he took two simply world class catches, and lifted the roof off Steyning cricket ground.

Also, Glen ‘Glenys Kinnock’ Day, who came out of cricketing retirement for the day, must be mentioned. Glen, who doesn’t say ‘booh’ to a goose, was an excellent left arm, quite-fast, bowler, who took three superb wickets, and gave out a real roarrr when doing so!

I felt like an eleven year old boy again, Blog. I truly enjoyed every moment of the day; playing cricket with the guys, all of whom I really do love and feel so loyal to.



Over and out, B x