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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Stop taking the piss out of the game!’

ben_keith_team-150x150Three cheers for Nick Rust, Blog! Here, here!! It’s about time, and wonderful to see, someone putting the game first.

Why should a bookmaker,‎ running a betting-shop, in the UK, be paying Levy, when the offshore Corporate Wallies, pay nothing? Well, Mr Rust seems to agree, and he is now representing ALL OF US to the best of his abilities.

‎You will only ever get out of the game ,what you put in, and there’s no reason that UK firms should subsidise the sport, for these offshore ponces. They are simply laughing at us, and treating us like soft-touches. What Rust is doing, might not look like immediate commercial sense, but he’s taking a hard line – and that’s what’s needed.

This money is not another tax being wasted on spongers, and foreigners having babies in the NHS. It is a gravely needed support for the game. The game that we all live and work in. It is absolutely necessary.
Nevermind giving the Punters a deserved milking, the offshore firms, are milking everyone, from the stable-lads, right up to the top racehorse-owners and track-promoters in the country. When you’ve done this job, Mr Rust, PLEASE THEN COME AND SAVE GREYHOUND RACING.

In other news:

putinIf it was a bomb that downed the Russian plane, I can’t wait to see Vladimir Putin, this blog’s favourite leader, move aside all of the wet amateurs, and deal with ISIS himself. THE BOSS.

Over and out, B x