AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘The Best Way to Go Skint’

You know your game. Your plan is set. There is no advice anybody has/can give you that you don’t know already. You are good to go.

So why aren’t you playing a shot, Blog?

Your girl/boy-friend. Your boss. Your family. The Gambling Commission. Brexit. ‘Making a decision not to make a decision’. Now not being ‘the right time’. All convenient half-truths. All masks, covering the one real reason. You.

Let’s face it. Time is passing. Every six months, another option is fading away. Is this almost what you want to happen? For life to somehow make the decision of what to do, for you? Well, it will. And the last one option, isn’t going to, ALL OF A SUDDEN, magic its way, to being in your favour.

Once it’s boiled down; there are two ways to go skint:

Option 1: To do nothing and slowly but SURELY be swallowed up by your expenses, which outweigh your earnings. (This should always be doubled/trebled-up with any 1 or 2 of: getting depressed/developing low self-esteem/bitterness/becoming the person you definitely didn’t want to be).

Option 2: To make a well thought out, considered and advised plan, and GO FOR IT.

Who’s your hero, Blog? Woods? Ali? McEnroe? Thatcher? Corbyn? It doesn’t matter anyway. Let’s not get bogged-down in boring sporting-melancholy. They all cry. They were all scared. They all felt too far from land. If you met them, you’d be disappointed. You’d expect something that isn’t there. They’re YOU. They’re Human. They’re just YOU; that’s all they are. But, at one point, they made a gap appear, and risked ALL to put themselves in the race. Option 2 was instantly chosen, and never, EVER did they look back.

Okay, so the clock is ticking, and you’ve reached the front of the queue, Mr/Mrs Blog. What’s it going to be? Are you going to take Option 1, and saddle yourself with Regret? Or are you going to go out, shooting like Tony Montana, and dare to win? THAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GO SKINT.

In other news:

One person who gets right to the point (and then digs his way in), is Jonathan Franzen. In his book, Freedom, he studies a family full of nice, kind, intelligent and able people, who were completely unable to make a positive decision. It will absorb you completely and stay with you for weeks afterwards. ‘USE WELL THY FREEDOM’.

Over and out, B x