25 August, 2020

AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: “The Game is Never Gone.”

When we started our #BettingPeople journey, never did I imagine so many expert operators would share their stories and expertise with us.

Last week, Blog, was Mickey Fletcher’s turn. Mickey surely, the prime example, of the streetwise, gallows-humour, hustling on-course bookie.

His main angle, to obtain and follow in, the cards of The Firms or Professional-Punters, when their money would shorten horses in the Betting-Ring. He would quickly get-on, at the price, and then lay-back, a few minutes later, considerably cheaper.

Mickey’s real masterstroke though, was to know when to get out. Exchanges arrived, and so many Market-Moves were then given away, before The Show; the angle of following information, nullified. He stepped away, knowing his time had come. WELL DONE, MICKEY.

However, in his #BettingPeople interview, “The Asparagus Kid”, was asked what advice he had for young people, entering The Game. He reverted to the rather unhelpful, base answer of “The Game is Gone, don’t bother”. If looking in the negative, it can be translated as; “I got mine. You won’t get yours”.

When taking advice from elders, I always listen and consider everything, EXCEPT, “The Game is Gone”. Why? Well, does Denise Coates cry into her cornflakes every morning, and tell her husband that she can’t get a favourite beat? Do the Indian Cricket Pro-Punting syndicates, say there is no way to go In an Out of the market, locking in a profit, at a shorter price? Of course they don’t. They have moved on. And kept learning. Nobody is bigger than The Game, and it is NEVER Gone. ARE YOU?


In other news:

‘Secret Narco’. One man, who certainly didn’t fail to move with the times, was Great Train Robber; Charlie Wilson. Having enjoyed several years, crossing the globe, before a delayed but extended holiday, at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, he then moved into the Import/Export business. Yet another great work, from master True Crime writer; Wensley Clarkson. And I’ve got a funny feeling, Blog, you might just recognise the names and descriptions of some of his closest colleagues! 9

Over and out, B x