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BEN’S BLOG: “The GVC Gravy-Train”

ben_keith_team-150x150 [dropcap]C[/dropcap]hoo Choo..! Choo Choo..!! Look who’s coming, Blog. It’s Kenneth Alexander and his GVC Gravy Train…!

“All aboard..! All aboard..!! I’ve got ‎the share-price up to seven quid, and because you’re all such worthless under-achievers, I’m going to start paying out some enormous dividends soon, so you can start eating again!!”. THANK YOU, KENNETH.

What a fantastic story. The achievement of this time.

Okay, for all those who knew more, and spent their time and money, on drugs, grunge-concerts, and studying-the-form; OPEN WIDE. You were ALL TOLD, right the way up, from just £1.20. There are no excuses.‎ GET IT DOWN YOUR GULLETS.


In other news:

When we first invested in GVC, a few years ago, they were worth £30million. A small-bookmaker. Establishment and Corporate-wallies pooh-poohed them. “They won’t last”. “Everywhere they bet is snide”. “Bwin are a joke, why’s he buying them?”. Now they are worth over £2billion, and have simply wandered past the staid Firms. MARCH ON, KENNETH.


Over and out, B x​