BEN’S BLOG: ‘The Staff don’t wear underpants – IT’S OFFICIAL!!’

Blog, I must report the following story to you.


Recently, The Staff had a night out, and went on the piss. At the end of the evening, it had all got a bit late, and Young Sam returned to stay at some colleagues’ flat, for the night. On asking where he should sleep, one of the flatmates kindly said that Young Sam (YS), could take his bed, and he (the flatmate), would sleep on the sofa. A nice gesture. Anyway, YS, goes to bed, and falls asleep immediately.

A little while later, someone who will not be named (okay, Old Sam), turns up at the flat, needing a place to stay. The flatmates are flummoxed though, as there is no room left at the inn. However, OS grabs the bull by the horns, and takes the decision to sleep in the bed next to YS (who is not taking part in this decision making process).


OS is a big lad. If he was a girl, he may have been nicknamed ‘Thunder Thighs’, some might say.

Because of this, he has a difference in his dress-code, we SHALL say.

So, in the morning, YS wakes up, with a blinding hangover, and hearing the breathing sound of another human being, looks over his shoulder at what he’d pulled the night before.

And there lies Old Sam, IN ALL OF HIS GLORY. Because of his enormous thighs, he is unable to source underwear; completely starkers!!

YES, he ACTUALLY got into bed, with a fellow colleague, without him knowing, completely naked, and slept there all night.

Who does that? The Staff!

Be careful with The Staff; AT ALL TIMES!!

In other news:

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Over and out, B x