BEN’S BLOG: ‘The Top 7 Things They Didn’t Teach You At School’

1) It/All/Everyone/Everything is a total blag. They’re virtually all Bullshitters. Part of life, is a journey to find just a few things and people, that/who are genuine.

2) Lust & Love. They are very different things. Not knowing the difference between the two, or not being able to move on from unrequited hopes of either, can waste vast chunks of your life. And the latter is what is left when the former has gone forevermore.

3) 10 years ago, what were your ‘Competitors’ doing? Oh, Blog, can you not even remember who those so called competitors even were? That’s because competitors don’t even exist. So don’t worry about what anybody else MIGHT be up to. JUST CONCENTRATE ON YOUR OWN GAME.

4) Feeling fucked-off? Permanently exhausted? Cheated? Misunderstood? But why are you making a Sulking-Face, Blog? Nobody cares. You need to keep making a Nice-Face; ALL.THE. TIME. Life’s unfair. The sooner you’ve accepted this, the easier it all becomes.

5) Good, clever, healthy and sensible people, sometimes die young, go bankrupt, or get divorced. And it’s very sad. But Flash people ALWAYS fall. Because there’s nothing under the surface. Don’t get too close; or you could get carried down with them.

6) You will make the error of believing that others will treat you with the same values that you have treated them. And the sharpest knives will come from those closest to you. But when they’ve done their work, and everybody’s moved on, don’t change the person you are; DON’T LOWER YOURSELF, in your future, to their level.

7) Flirtations are Flirtations. Holiday Romances are Holiday Romances. Life-Partners are Life-Partners. Friends are Friends. And Business-Associates are Business-Associates. Don’t try and make people what they aren’t. YOU WILL ONLY DISAPPOINT YOURSELF.


Over and out, B x