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BEN’S BLOG: ‘They can’t wait to get you in the ground’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n returning from holiday, sitting on my mat, was a newsletter from Christies. The back cover advertising; the sale, of Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s, private collection. LINK

It struck me, Blog; that I hadn’t heard, that the ever beautiful Nancy, had passed on. I looked online, to see that it was in March. Studying the catalogue; it was full of the most tasteful, but not overly-expensive, furniture, momentos, and mostly costume jewelery, from right the way through their lives. Many available, from just a few hundred dollars. One; a bronze, of Reagan, playing a cowboy, with a reserve of $500 – $800. Wouldn’t a relative, or friend of the family, rather have that, at home, as a way to remember Uncle Ronnie? No. They’d rather have the monkey.

I can’t speak for America, but the most unnatractive thing, about the British middle-class, is the way you can see them, all desperately funking for elderly relatives, to snuff it, so they can get their hands on a few quid, for the first time in their lives. Why aren’t they worrying about earning and spending their own money? It’s been okay to under-achieve, because they’ve always known, about the big chance, coming right towards them.

Nancy Reagan has only been gone for a few months. And how long did it take them to prepare the photos, dimensions, and values for the auction? She must have still been warm, when they got to work. Look around you, Blog. Look at all of those faces. If you’ve got a few quid: THEY CAN’T WAIT TO GET YOU IN THE GROUND.


Over and out, B x