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BEN’S BLOG: “They do things properly at Towcester”

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]I[/dropcap] must report back to you, Blog, regarding myself, and Star MD, Gaul Wood’s, wonderful night, last night, as guests, at Towcester Dogs; for the TV Trophy.

Okay, okay; you think the track’s too far from the stand, and it might lack a yard of atmosphere, because being so open, it doesn’t have the old-skool feel. But, enough of that now, please. Believe me; Towcester, with their hopes and dreams, is one class act, and surely; a fantastic credit to the game.

Whilst I was tucking into the coronation-chicken, Ooly-Fooly Fancy-Foodie, Gaul Wood, was nudging me, to tell me how pukka the wines were. The service also, of a top Mayfair standard, ‎and a happy and friendly atmosphere, which spreads from the boss, Lord Hesketh, right the way down; throughout the whole track. THEY DO THINGS PROPERLY AT TOWCESTER.

In other news:

Blog, I wake up every night in a cold sweat; shivering myself to the bone. The pain is too deep. What shall I do? Who can help me? Gaul Wood, has thought they might open a pop-up one, in Camden, to keep us addicts going. It’s not good enough though. I need a real hit.‎ OSLO COURT – CLOSED FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST…!!


Over and out, B x


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