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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Tony Bloom: There Comes a Time When You Need To Be Bold’

This blog sends congratulations to gambling wizard/Lizard, Tony Bloom, on receiving an Honorary Degree from The University of Brighton. In this Evening Argus video-clip, TB tells the students before him, that “there comes a time when you need to be bold”.

The King of Finding a Move, couldn’t be more right.

But I’m going to continue in boldness, and add this on: When you have found an edge, you MUST get the full whack out of it. Why? Well, in The Game now, people talk about ROI (Return on Investment). You might be aiming for, or working to, a figure, of say 8%. But how often do you hit a bad run or a long flat-spot, and that edge is quickly eroded? How many times even, when you think you’ve found a move, have you simply been wrong? The hard truth was; YOU, were the move. So, when you do find an edge, you must know that when it has ended (which it will), you got as much out of it as possible.

When Old-Timers talk about “The Good Old Days”, did they really make the most of it, or did they think it would last forever, and take it for granted, and get lazy, and moan now, because deep-down, they know that they FIDDLED-ABOUT, when they should have GOT ON WITH IT? Push forward, for all those times you were wrong, and you nearly lost hope, and for when you suffered and went skint, Blog. Do it for your future, when sharper Edge-Hunters, are beating you to new angles. Do it because: YOU MIGHT NEVER FIND A MOVE AGAIN.


Over and out, B x