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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Top marks, Team Star!!’

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryday, I ask lots of people questions. ‘Why’ is my favourite word. At bedtime though, I always ask myself the same question: Have I moved forward, today, any closer, to being able to live in a castle, with a moat, and a still working, up-and-down drawbridge?

This week at Cheltenham, given so many of the ‘short ones’ won, I have certainly NOT moved any closer to becoming a wealthy recluse (I couldn’t believe the Racing Post, today, saying the bookmakers had hit the front at the festival??!!). HOWEVER, its been a fabulous week for the Star Army, and everyone has made an excellent contribution.

To name a few:

cheltenham300New boy; Lee Accounts. Well done, Lee. He’s worked his bollocks off, doing overtime, to get all the new accounts open.

New boy; Ian On-Course. Thank you, Ian. You haven’t stopped all week, and its been a pleasure working with such a professional.

Luke Tarr. Head of Group Socialising. Well done, Luke. You were at it everyday pulling in the punters. Top marks!!

Robbie The Dalek. Robbie has made sure the Spreads website, has been rocking and rolling, with all of our special Cheltenham offers etc. Well done, Robbie – you proceed to the next level!!

And another new boy; John ‘Big Mac’ McCririck. Yes, none other, than the LEGEND, that is Big Mac, has been with us, in the box, talking to the punters and entertaining everyone. A true gent, nothing less; believe me!! Also, much appreciated, that he came down to the pitch, to pull some extra business in (despite being mobbed by millions of pissed idiots wanting to take selfies with him.).

Anyway, top marks, all round, Team Star. I’m proud of each and all of you!!

In other news:

Let me tell you something interesting: No, no, don’t worry! I’m not going to start reciting any boring stats for Cheltenham 2016!! I have something far more juicy: Strawberries with black pepper. Yes. You’ve been told. Don’t say you haven’t. Kyle, in the office, says his dad, a top chef, swears blind, this is the most delicious way to eat fruit. And I’ve just tried it…he’s right!! Strawberries + Black Pepper = THE WAY FORWARD.

Over and out, B x