BEN’S BLOG: “Towcester: The Rolls Royce Greyhound-Racing venue”

I have to say that the happiest moment of my career, would certainly be betting at Towcester, when Star Sports sponsored our first Greyhound Derby at the Rolls Royce venue.

It bought sadness to us all, when their endeavours fell, and Star Sports and myself now reach out the hand of friendship, to Kevin Boothby, who has stepped-up and taken over the reins at the track. I have no doubt he will make a great success there, and I look forward to attending his highly anticipated gala nights. Julie Collier has visited Kevin, for #BettingPeople, to hear about his life and career, and ambitions for Towcester… GOOD LUCK, KEVIN!

In other news:

When we go on holiday to Las Palmas (a fabulous city), in Gran Canaria, I love pushing the pram, and going to watch the chess club, deep in thought, at the local square. Like Librarians, I think chess players, should be a preserved species, in our rushed world. They fascinate me and I always regret that my drive and ambition preclude me from being able to sit still long enough to learn how to play the great game. But I present to you here, Blog, an interview of real depth, with Garry Kasparov. Surely the mental attack of Chess isn’t that different to finding an edge in Gambling? Mr Kasparov speaks of The Permanent Challenge, finding out where he has made mistakes and learning from them, the underrated muscle of intuition, and of Complacency and Confidence. LEARNING FROM THE GRANDMASTER.

Over and out, B x