AUTHOR: James Dowen

BEN’S BLOG: ‘Trigger is dead’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, during the last year or so, I have had to report several distressing news items, via your-good-self.

I received, last night, a very upsetting telephone call, from my good friend, the Not-Staff icon; Derek Trotter. He informed me, with tears in his voice; that his drinking partner and confidante, Trigger, has sadly passed away.

Regular blog readers may remember me reporting to you, a couple of years ago, when my token-leftie-friend; AM, took me to the Globe, to waste a few hours of my life, stand in the rain, and watch an appalling Shakespeare production. Trigger was in fact, taking part that evening, and was terribly out of his depth, poor chap. He was never more at home, than when having a pint with Del and Rodders, or ‘Dave’, as he so often called him, down the Nags Head.

Blog, shall we knight Trig, and make him a posthumous ‘Not-Staff’?


‘No? You cruel bastard!’, I hear you cry!!

Facts are facts, Blog. Trigger was a lovely bloke, and a great friend in supporting Del Boy, during his many ups and downs. However, he was a thicko and cannot join the elite force of Not Staffs.

I hope everyone understands. Some times; ‘no’ has to mean ‘no’.

RIP Trigger. Someone buy him a pint when he gets to heaven, please.

In other news:

By the time this blog is published, I shall be on my way to Mark Maskell’s surprise 60th birthday party. The Maskell family entered my life about eleven years ago. I needed a last minute clerk for Sittingbourne Dogs, and via recommendation; Mark stepped in to the breech. I couldn’t read a word a he wrote, but we got through somehow. His son, Chris, then started to ‘do the bag’ for us at Walthamstow. He pulled more birds in than bets, and now a high-flying stock-broker, has grown to be one of my best friends and most trusted allies. Thanks for everything, guys. Happy Birthday, Mark! Please stop moaning about the selectors and the ‘waggers’ all the time though!! 🙂

Over and out, Ben x