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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Unnecessary swipes from Non-Producers at Diore Lia’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I have found all of these swipes, from those who like an easy target who won’t bite back, at Derby outsider, Diore Lia (sadly announced a non runner this morning), to be extremely unattractive.

When a famous jockey or high profile ESTABLISHMENT trainer make a gaff, or even do something crooked, where are these EXPERTS to pass comment then?

The owners of Diore Lia, were as entitled as The Queen, to pay to enter their horse into the big-race. So what’s the problem, Blog? Well, I think I’ve found out for us actually: These Helpful Observations are all being made by those who produce and create nothing, and do nil themselves, except criticise the actions of others, to make themselves feel better about their own inactivity! YOU JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURSELVES!!

In other news:

I’ve been dying to do a food-vlog of Oslo Court, my favourite restaurant in London. So here it is…and with an old friend to help out…!!

Food Vlog 15: Oslo Court, Chalbert Street, St John’s Wood, NW8 7EN WEB SITE

Over and out, B x