BEN’S BLOG: ‘Secret ingredient of hugely successful individuals like Mark Wallis?’

Blog, I was fascinated to watch this interview, of repeated Champion Trainer; Mark Wallis. Mark speaks in an almost hypnotic manner, and after a while, you become completely tuned in, to his story, that seems to go from success to success.

But what, over long periods of time, in incredibly successful individuals, is their secret ingredient?

Mark tells us about, when previous top trainer, Linda Jones, gave him the chance to take over her kennels. He said he was aware of the huge commitment, but he TOOK HIS CHANCE. As an employer, I have noticed, that those early, who strive, keep on striving, and those who shy away early, have set an unfortunate precedent.

Mark took other chances, and pushing became a way of life. And that pushing turned into early successes. And that taste for success created a hunger, for a real kill; a life-changing victory. And as such victories appeared, Wallis created a momentum for more and more. And now, I wonder, if his driving force, has become A TERRIBLE FEAR OF FAILURE?

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 62: Maracuja, Calle Francisco Garcia Feo 3, 38612 El Médano, Tenerife. The wind never stops blowing in El Medano and we were told this was a good hideaway. Beautiful decor & atmosphere. A predominantly meat menu. Prawn Kebab Starter (NAP). Pretty limp service and an over-cooked steak. 5.5

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