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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Why is Greyhound Racing such a Soft Touch to the GRA?’

ben_keith_team-150x150 [dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother sad day for Greyhound Racing, sees the closure of Hall Green.

However, in today’s Racing Post, it was mentioned, as if a formality, that Hall Green’s valuable BAGS meetings (afternoon Greyhound Racing shown in the betting-shops, that tracks receive a lot of money for) have all been moved to sister track, Perry Barr (also owned by The GRA).

WHY have these meetings immediately been given to Perry Barr? They now race five times a week and are receiving fortunes in BAGS money. The GRA are serial UNDER-ACHIEVERS with the tracks they run (look at the crowd Towcester got, compared to Wimbledon, charging more to get in, and they’re in the middle of a field). And The GRA tracks’ landlords are determined to extinguish as much Greyhound Racing as possible; to their own ends. They will close Perry Barr and Belle Vue at THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY.

So WHY, Blog, are we making everything so easy for them? WHY are they automatically given what is a privilege (and other smaller tracks would kill for)? WHY are we rolling over for them? Possibly they might even like us to organise some Page 3 Girls to turn up at their meetings and greet The Punters? LET’S GET A GRIP AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO GIVE TO AND ARE THE FUTURE OF THE GAME.

Over and out, B x