BEN’S BLOG: “Worrying about Denise Coates and my Top 5 Value London Restaurants”

Today, Blog, there have been many Good Talkers, discussing the bonus, Bet365 owner, Denise Coates, has paid herself.

A few FACTS for them to chew on:

  • She has come to the front in a ‘Man’s’ Industry.
  • She has innovated and competed against, and then given the stick, to established giants.
  • She’s beaten Punters and employed thousands of Staff.
  • She’s been criticised for laying Chinese Punters. So what? Who cares? Does that money taste any different once it gets to your bank account??
  • If she’s received this pay, that means she’s paid the required Income Tax on it (and Gross-Profits-Tax, Levy and Corporation Tax, before that).
  • She’s been laughed at (Bet £3.65), created, learnt, schemed, grafted, fallen and fought back, and constantly attacked The Game (whilst you’ve had a nice lie-in, your phone off, and some necessary Work-Life-Balance).

I just about reckon there’s nothing she’s done that you wouldn’t do (if you had the required guts and work-ethic, that is, of course). No, really, Blog. No, no. Don’t worry about what Denise Coates is up to. YOU JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF.

In other news:

My Top 5 Good Value London Restaurants:

Having been accused recently, Blog, of being a flash so and so, and only reviewing fancy restaurants, I am now publishing this list of value establishments.

1) Yasars. Kebab Simply outstanding food and value.
2) Brasserie Zedel Classy, buzzy, superb menu.
3) Indian Express Rocky, the owner, is a true gent.
4) Golden Pie Save room for the Apple Crumble & Custard.
5) Daphne Homely and old-skool Greek.

Over and out, B x