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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Yes. We still do things properly here.’

ben_keith_team-150x150briangraham[dropcap]I[/dropcap]rish layer, Brian Graham (left), of the Sean Graham family, in spite of overall drops in turnover, has recently purchased two more, Irish on-course pitches. He was quoted, as saying, that the state of each track’s betting-ring, is down to the effort the individual management, want to put in, to promoting their venue. He was most correct in adding that, if management teams just sit there, copping the media money each week, doing nothing with it, they really can’t expect punters to come flocking through the doors. And I agree with him.

This weekend, with Belindabelle away in Spain, I have escaped to Suffolk. Last night, already feeling a bit bored of all this relaxing stuff, I decided to make my way to Yarmouth Dogs. I’ve never been there, and thought that, if I didn’t now, I probably never would. Well, it was a cracking little stadium, with a buzzy atmosphere, and clearly full of lots of Summer tourists. I, of course, headed straight for the betting-ring, to have a good sniff about, and see how our bookmaking brothers were getting on. Only two remained standing, Blog, and seemed to have caught the short-straw, of not being opposite the exit to the stand, thus not totally visible, and the punters that were infront of them, quite unable to get a full view of the race. What I thought was sad, was that 90% of the tourists in attendance, seemed oblivious to the fact, that there were even any bookies there at all. Possible it suits the Tote, for it to be this way…? Oh, what a cynic I have become, Blog!

The bookie-chaps told me, that the track was well run, had a good catchment area, and during the Winter, the ‘dog people’ returned, when there weren’t so many holiday-makers in tow. Blog, I just loved it, and felt that I miss The Dogs so much. It’s all very well, laying huge bets in the office, but the spit-and-sawdust feel, of a dog track betting-ring, is still unique, still homely, still fun, and still where it all began. Good luck to the Yarmouth bookies.

In other news:

theseafoodOn the way, we stopped to check out ‘The Seafood’. Arriving, the place looked like it was closed, and the door was even a bit jolty to open. But once inside, it was a very old fashioned, classy establishment, and given the framed newspaper articles; is regularly frequented by racing folk. The owner, Miriam, was a character, and true old-school. I complimented her, on her restaurant, of course, Blog, and she responded thus, before gliding off: ‘Yes, we still do things properly here.’. Thank god, someone still does, Miriam! The Seafood: a poor crab starter, a delicious homemade Taramasalata, a decent Seabass. (Don’t miss the Greek Salad or the homemade, hand-cut chips, though, Blog). 7.

Over and out, B x