BEN’S BLOG: ‘You are Mortal, You are Mortal…’

In Ancient Rome, when a victorious general returned from battle, he would enter the city walls celebrating and waving to the crowd. But amongst his entourage, there was a slave (called an Auriga), employed to keep whispering in his ear “Remember, you are mortal. Remember, you are mortal…”. As a way to remind him that he was just a man, and that next time, if he was not on his game, the battle could end very differently.

Are you in charge? Do you have an edge? Yes, well that’s called ‘having a move’. It’s not an ongoing business. It’s an anomaly, in this moment, that will go soon. And when it goes, you need to accept it’s gone, and not try to keep working it, when there is no value left in the price.

‘Bookmakers rarely retire gracefully’. This is something you will hear again and again. Listen to it. And don’t forget it. Pick a name. Any name; that was once big, but has now gone. It’s rarely because they are living as a wealthy recluse.

Falls, for such operators, normally come after saying the following words:

‘Who cares what price it is on The Machine? They’re only arbers.’

‘I Trusted & Believed him (Translation: ‘I trusted a Punter’)’.

‘Well, that’s all very well, but at White City we used to…’.

Once great people. Great people though, who forgot that The Game does not respect former glories. They forgot that The Game is only interested in your next bet.

It is with such sadness that I have seen Pro-Punters & Bookies not move with the times. They have ended up losing friends, who they didn’t mean to knock. And partners they loved, who lived with them, not realising that the money they had been winning, might not last forever. The Game can be so cruel. Blog, YOU ARE MORTAL. Blog, YOU ARE MORTAL. Blog, YOU ARE MORTAL…

Over and out, B x