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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Zorba’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, during today’s release of my warped opinions and bile, and just to be a bit ‘alternative’, we’re going to jiggle things up a bit, and do it all in a slightly different order…

Let’s kick off with a question for our readers:

giraffeI had dinner last night with Harry ‘Giraffebet CEO and Owner!!’ Macadam. Harry has recently advertised for a new wage-slave (I would have thought using his beloved drongo-magnet; Gumtree). And has been informing me of the response to the, fabulous life-long career and experience, he is offering to the one, potentially, lottery winning applicant.

(Please note, Blog: our meeting, of deluded minds, was held at Como Lario, in Belgravia. This establishment has been upgraded to an 8, in respect of the rabbit pasta and friendly service, but STILL the Portions Police had to be called in regarding the Seafood Salad and Panacotta. Both at least 25% under what they should be.)

Harry received a whopping 150 applicants for the position. After wading through the cover letters and cv’s, he gave a thumb mark to 30 victims, sorry, Blog, sorry, applicants, to be followed up.

The 30 potential interviewees were all emailed to, and asked to choice ANY TIME, ANY DAY, during the next fortnight, as to when they would like to attend an interview with their new master and great leader.

So, Blog, how many, of the 30, responded with a time and day that they would like to come for an interview, for a job they can start immediately?

Let’s come back to that later, shall we?

In other news:

On Monday night, I tried Zorba, in Leinster Terrace. Halepi, just up the road, being my usual saviour; when requiring an intake of Greek food. Blog, it was a restaurant of ABSOLUTELY NO redeeming feature. There was one old boy running it; completely unable to follow any form of instruction. We were the only diners, and it took him twenty minutes to bring out our drinks. A further two reminders, and fifteen more minutes, to bring out some tasteless taramasalata and tzatziki as starters. The Greek Salad with the main was floppy, but I suppose though, that the Seabass and Roasties served up, just about filled a hole. It cost £77 for two, and would be the worst restaurant I have been to in London. Avoid (and return to the excellent Halepi).

doleOkay, back to today’s leftie-bashing trivia question… So, how many people, of the 30, genuinely wanted a job, rather than just show the benefits people they had applied for one, in order to receive the next hand-out? Answer: a disgraceful, 5. WHAT AN EASY AND WET ‘SOCIETY’ WE HAVE CREATED.

Blog, check out this little temptress. It’s Beyonce Knowles’ sister; Solange. Added to a cheeky little smile, that could brighten up the greyest of public-sector wage-slaves, her music is great too.

Don’t say you haven’t all been told! B x